Boreh Bali (Balinese Boreh)

All our treatments are made fresh daily in our cosmetic kitchen using pure flowers, leaves, spices and herbs.

Ingredients : Clove, cinnamon, nutmeg , sandalwood , coriander , ginger , black pepper , tumeric , oryza sativa .

Function :

1. Vanish The painful on muscle .
2. Repair blood circulation side ( perifer )
3. Prevent the rheumatics .

To Use :

1. Mix 4 spoon Balinese Boreh with enough water .
2. Spread to all over the body , expect the face part .
3. Cover with towel .
4. Make it still approximately 10 minutes , until dry then wash with water till clear .

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Boreh / Balinese Traditional Scrub Size : 100gram Kemasan: Alumunium Foil 100gam


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