Massage Oil

Have you ever had a massage that left your skin so greasy, you felt like you’d just climbed out of an oil slick? It’s not a pleasant feeling, especially when you have to put on your clothes afterwards.

The amount of massage oil used makes a difference, but so does the type of massage oil used. There are many different massage oils available. Some feel more greasy, go rancid faster, or are more likely to irritate skin or cause allergic reactions.

Some commercial massage oil blends contain cheaper massage oils as the primary oil and include smaller amounts of the better oils. But there are also plenty of great blended massage oils available—this list of massage oils can help you decipher the ingredient list and choose the best massage oil for you.

we sell Traditional Massage Oil Well being, Healing, Creativity, Fire Bird, Interlude, Aphrodesia, Memory, Refreshing, Vanilla spice, RheumatismCool, Flower Bali, Cytrus, Stre relief, Meditation, Bali Sensual, Bali Spices

And finally, instead of oil, massage therapists often use specially-formulated massage gels and lotions.

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